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Reform our tax code AND protect middle class homeowners

As a REALTOR you have no doubt heard about tax reform plans from Washington, DC. Now Congress is threatening tax incentives for homeowners, like the mortgage interest deduction and the state and local property tax deduction. These incentives are critical for a strong housing market that creates jobs and builds stable communities.

Take action to tell Congress to reform our tax code AND protect middle class homeowners.

Homeownership is the bedrock of our industry and we need to make sure any tax reform legislation protects middle class homeowners.
Did you know that American homeowners already pay 83% of all federal income taxes?
Did you know that some of the tax reforms under discussion could result in a drop of more than 10% in home values?
Did you know that after the 1986 Tax Reform Act property values in the commercial sector dropped significantly, negatively impacting state and local tax revenue?
Did you know that home-owning families with incomes from $50,000 to $200,000 could face average tax hikes of $815 in the year after enactment?

Tell Congress – Do not raise taxes on middle class homeowners in order to cut taxes for corporations.

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