Valid from December 1 to December 15, 2013 Offer from December 1 to December 15, 2013

Your Action:

Watch the "What it means to call yourself a REALTOR® and how to protect the REALTOR® Value" Video and Take a 4 Question Survey

Your Reward:

1 Free Personalized PDF Brochure available through NAR's Print on Demand Program

  • Click Here to Learn More About the Print on Demand Program
  • Brochures available for customization include, It Pays to Work with a REALTOR®, Getting it Sold, It's a Great Time to OWN, and more!
  • A $30 Value
  • You have until January 15, 2014 to order your Print on Demand Personalized PDF download Reward from the from the program before it expires.


As part of NAR’s MVP Program, get a free personalized PDF through the Print on Demand Program when you watch the “What it means to call yourself a REALTOR® and how to protect the REALTOR® Value” video and then take a 4 question survey between December 1st and December 15th, 2013!

This super quick three minute video will teach you proper usage of the term REALTOR® and how you can protect the value and distinction of being a REALTOR®.

First, watch the video, click here to begin learning more about the REALTOR® trademark. Then simply click the "ACT NOW" button to fill out the 4 question survey and you're done!

You will receive an an email with instructions and a promotional code to customize and order the PDF of your preference from our Print on Demand (POD) program for FREE within 48 hours of completing the short survey. Participants are only eligible to receive 1 customized PDF, it is the participants responsibility to review all customization on the PDF prior to placing a Print on Demand order. The coupon only applies to a customized PDF and is not valid on orders for Print on Demand printed brochures. You can login to the Print on Demand site while you are waiting for your promotional code and begin updating your account profile and adding your personal information.

Click the ACT NOW to begin understanding the REALTOR® trademark better!